Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pageflakes vs YourMinis

Suddenly today i started to explore the features and uses of Pageflakes and was searching for few Add-on Extensions of FireFox v2.0. What i discovered was interesting to me. There is a website called Yourminis ( which is launched very recently and mostly similar to PageFlakes ( Now let me talk about them individually and i let you all to judge who is faster and who is better? No personal attack but it's just a post :)

Pageflakes was founded in October 2005 by Christoph Janz, Omar AL Zabir, Ole Braundenburg and Shahedul Huq Khandkar. We're still a small company, but people from four continents work for Pageflakes. So at any time somewhere someone is working to make your experience with Pageflakes even better! Read about Pageflakes.

Now just after
1 year! yourminis is in the field to compete with pageflakes., launched in October, 2006 is a property of goowy media, inc. ( goowy was started in mid 2004 in San Diego, California, by 4 friends (Alex Bard, Gary Benitt, Jeremy Suriel and Sashi Bommakanty) who have worked and played together for the last 10 years. Read about Yourminis.

Lets study on it more.. This is true that Pageflakes is running since October 2005 and according to the expectation they must be even more matured then Yourminis.

Now Pageflakes has another competitor in his area. Who will be his 1st competent? Google, Yahoo, Microsoft (GYM) ? Or goowy's newly launched Yourminis (

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Creative CV / Resume

Check this CV .. He was hired by Microsoft Graphics team.

The person who prepared this CV received job offers from 180 companies..

Thursday, November 02, 2006

SQA Engineers in Bangladesh

Please read my recent post on SQA Engineers in Bangaldesh from my SQABD (SQA Bangaldesh) Blog.


Hope to get your comments :)


BASIS sponsoring Chatpati Wala

I was reading a post titled as "Chotpoti/Foochka Stands (Photos)" of Ihtisham Kabir today and found an interesting picture which i thought to share with you all :)

BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services) arranges SoftExpo in every year. And an advertisement banner of BASIS SoftExpo 2002 is here covering a Chotpoti / Foochka Stand.

Can we call it as a BASIS sponsored Chotpoti/Foochka Stand? ;)

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