Saturday, July 29, 2006

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

From last few weeks i started working on SEO. The problem is - there are many articles on SEO - basically on Google SEO. And as Google changeing their policys most frequently. Most of the articles became contradictory with each other. Make sure you are studying on updates articles from Internet.
Yes! you can learn on SEO even from the Old articles, but just to increase your knowledge and to avoide the old strategies which are banned or outdated to popular search engines. Most easy way to start with SEO is to start with Google's "Webmaster Help Center". Cause here you can see that what Google is allowing you to do and what are asked to follow.

I heared, even was suggested not to use any robots in websites as Google disallows this strategy and blah blah.. But in Google's webmaster help center i read - there are few rules to follow for robots and Google itself owns a Googlebot: Google's Web Crawler .

See at "Google Information for Webmasters" where there are few helps on -

Webmaster Info

Facts & Fiction

Most interesting part which i found that we Internet users who own our personal blogs or web pages are mostly interested in few Automated rank checkers. Google says -

"Automated rank checking programs violate Google's Terms of Service. They use server resources that should be spent on answering user requests. We strongly request that you not use rank checking programs to check your position on Google."

Never go for any third party linking programs. See the comment below :
We have been on the internet since 1996 and had always taken a very conservative approach on our site. For nearly a year though, we were bombarded by emails from third party linking programs, which stressed the importance of linking for relevancy.

Finally, we broke down and joined one of these programs. Unfortunately, the program used hidden links, and Google removed us from the index within a week. I guess it's true that anyone can get fooled into buying snake oil."

– Frank, owner of a limousine services company

So what you can start with - is doing study on GoogleBot and how really a Robot works. Read the Robot FAQs which is already suggested by Google. By creating a good sitemap of your desired webpage. You can even start with studying on Google Sitemap.

What is the Google Sitemaps program?
The Google Sitemaps program has two major components:

To get started, simply add your site to your Google Sitemaps account.

You can even use Sitemaps Third Party Programs & Websites which are referred by Google.
Webhosting companies can use Google Sitemaps Logo and see detail here.

(to be continued)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Want to learn AJAX?

I got a nice link from It's about Ajax tutorial. Any one interested to learn Ajax in vast? Then click on I liked his Posts.. :)

42 Recent AJAX Tutorials
Max Kiesler

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What is CAPTCHA?

I used CAPTCHA many times in developing different Web Applications and even used in many websites but didn't know the formal name. I used to identify it as Word Verifier or code for Word Verification. Whatever! Now I learned that the formale name is CAPTCHA!

While i was looking into Online for more information on CAPTCHA see few interesting URL i got sharing with you all below:

CAPTCHA from Wiki (
Breaking Captchas without using OCR (
Breaking a Visual CAPTCHA (
The CAPTCHA Project (
PWNtcha - Captcha decoder (

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

phpresource group celebrating it's Birthday!

phpResource Group announced it's coding contest from it's Birthday of 2nd July 2006. I was late to be notified that 2nd July was phpResource gourp's step to the 2nd year.

This is the 2nd largest bangladeshi based PHP programmers community after PHPXperts. They came with little different thinking from PHPXperts group. I am a memeber of PHPXperts and even in PHPResource. But i am not here for discriminating any group in any way. Just wanted to share the feelings - feeling better that people in Bangladesh started to think more faster then the old time where we had to look an expert or professional for different assitance in different issues.

In Bangladesh we have many Communities who are serving to people in many different ways.
It shows the dedication of Bangladeshi people in their respective field. Few people says they are all junks cause they alway open new Groups but at last they all are dead. But i think they are wrong. There are different community/groups for complishing different targets with different mission and vission.

Belated Happy Birthday to PHPResource group!

Please sign up here for the Coding Contest:

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Logo design

Today i have designed a Logo for SQA Bangladesh community. There are some other Logos i designed are enlisted below.

Other Logos by me:

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