Saturday, June 30, 2007

Skype Security Information Phishing Page by Frauds

Suddenly i received an email at my Gmail whose subject was titled as - "" in last 28th July, 2007. I tried reading the email carefully and then i noticed it's not a valid email from at all! It's a security phishing page sent from another server. And how come Skype doesn't know its' user's name? :p

There it asked me to click on a link to update my personal information which showed as : (an invalid page from

But the actual link was redirected to : (a Googlepage already Blocked by

See the below Screen shots for identifying the Email how could it be a phishing Page?

Here in this below picture you can see the email sender is not Skype itself. It's the fraud's mail server located in a different hosting provider called :

I should ask everyone to have a look at this Article of why mostly even an highly educated person could be a victim of phishing? Though it's a very old article published in last year 2006. But i think it's a good article for anyone to be more careful and know why at least silly phishing works?

Phishing with Rachna Dhamija

Feel free to share your thoughts or question you get. :)

Google Reader as My Daily Feed Reader

It's been long time i have been using Google Reader :) Now i really love it :) See the Google Reader Introduction video below.

Then here comes a screen shot of my Google Reader page. Lots of Feeds from different places. I don't need and not even forget to see the new updates from other sites /blogs/news :)
It's really easy and fantastic.

Whenever i am free and nothing to do.. then i can go through the old feeds and got an option to share them in a single page called Publicly Shared Items Page :)

Here it is: Tahmid Munaz's shared items (From My Google Reader)

Monday, June 18, 2007

SkypeCast was held for the SQABD Roundtable Meeting - 12th Session

In last 16th June, 2007 - SQABD ( has arranged its' 12th Roundtable Meeting on topic of "State of Software Testing in Bangladesh" at Baton Rouge restaurant. Participants in the meeting was near about 20 persons. And there was an option for joining the meeting through SkypeCast. This Skypecast option for joining in SQABD meeting made people even to join from abroad and even for those person who were not able to join the meeting in person.

For a long time SQABD was thinking to come up with an option where our Bangladeshi Technical Experts from abroad can join the Roundtable Meetings and can add value to make it more productive. At last SQABD came up with the idea of using Skypecast at this 12th session in last Saturday so that anyone can join from anywhere.


Sometimes it becomes even tough for members who are not from Dhaka, and might not be able to attend this short 2/3 hours roundtable meeting coming from a remote area. So from now the SkypeCast will be a good way to join the SQABD Roundtable Meeting for anyone just by using a good broadband connection and Skype for connecting to SQABD Skypecast in time.

This is the 1st time any Technical Community in Bangladesh has arranged such an option for everyone to join through online which is more flexible to join for people who are in abroad or in a different city/remote area.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bug in SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) ATM Booth

Day before yesterday I went to SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) ATM Booth to draw 20K BDT at a time. The ATM Booth was working fine, it returned my ATM/Debit Card then printed a slip where i got it Updated up to my recent transaction. But suddenly what i saw the money was not coming at all. Then the machine showed me a message "We regret ......" Don't remember the exact line, but the problem seemed to me that the ATM has no more balance to serve my money.

What i tried for 2nd and even 3rd time. And these times the problem showed just after giving getting the PIN numbers from me. Shows that "We regret.... " What the heck? I have to pay cash to my friend while it's about 6:oo pm in Bangladesh Time. Ok! Let's go to the Gulshan-2 Booth from Gulshan-1. We left the Gulshan-1 booth beside the Abacus, and now on our way to Gulshan-2. After reaching there and inserting my card and PIN number is shows the same message again! God! What the prb? Is this booth again empty of Money? Why it's regretting?

OK, now lemme call to the Service Center - then the Call Center Representative said from the Service Center that.. at few of the ATM Booths, it randomly occurs while someone wants to draw 20K BDT at a time. The ATM Network closes the Card Holder's limit for charging his card up to that day 23:59pm!! Why? Were this service we looking for?

He claimed that it was noticed on the Booth's wall. Do we really look at the wall Notice of these ATM Booths? How could we expect for such a valuable notice in the middle of all those Big Advertisement posters? How could we expect these information where there are several leaflets of their Insurance/ Car Loan and blah blah... ?

Can't we except that option shown in the ATM Booth Screen? or disabling the 20K withdrawal facility? So that everyone will always draw maximum of 10K or 15K?

Why Standard Chartered Bank is not even bothered for solving this problem?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Java based Web Application Testing

Today one of my friend emailed me asking a name of a community/group/forum - where he can get the Java based Web Application Testing information. So, here i am sharing a part of my reply:

Here are few communities where you can discuss on Software QA/Testing issues:

  1. SQAtester,
  2. SQABD and
  3. SQAforums
JPGroup is an open community for Java knowledge base.

Here are few links i am sharing in cases helps you anyway.

I could have been the right person for asking something,
but I'm not until there is :p

Never mind :) Feel free to ask :)
I would love to search.

Friday, June 01, 2007

What are the Best Web Apps? - Pageflakes

Cast your Votes for your favorite best Web Apps. at

Try out
Pageflakes if you like Personalized Home pages. Then cast your vote for Pageflakes.

I got Pageflakes featured with different resources, tremendously competent and better then My Yahoo and Google IG? There are no more question to compare with Netvibes or YourMinis. It's a place where i can manage my own pages on my own choice with different flakes and even publish to my selective friends or to public. There are more to explore!

Let's say together - "Eat Cornflakes and use Pageflakes!"

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