Friday, June 15, 2007

Bug in SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) ATM Booth

Day before yesterday I went to SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) ATM Booth to draw 20K BDT at a time. The ATM Booth was working fine, it returned my ATM/Debit Card then printed a slip where i got it Updated up to my recent transaction. But suddenly what i saw the money was not coming at all. Then the machine showed me a message "We regret ......" Don't remember the exact line, but the problem seemed to me that the ATM has no more balance to serve my money.

What i tried for 2nd and even 3rd time. And these times the problem showed just after giving getting the PIN numbers from me. Shows that "We regret.... " What the heck? I have to pay cash to my friend while it's about 6:oo pm in Bangladesh Time. Ok! Let's go to the Gulshan-2 Booth from Gulshan-1. We left the Gulshan-1 booth beside the Abacus, and now on our way to Gulshan-2. After reaching there and inserting my card and PIN number is shows the same message again! God! What the prb? Is this booth again empty of Money? Why it's regretting?

OK, now lemme call to the Service Center - then the Call Center Representative said from the Service Center that.. at few of the ATM Booths, it randomly occurs while someone wants to draw 20K BDT at a time. The ATM Network closes the Card Holder's limit for charging his card up to that day 23:59pm!! Why? Were this service we looking for?

He claimed that it was noticed on the Booth's wall. Do we really look at the wall Notice of these ATM Booths? How could we expect for such a valuable notice in the middle of all those Big Advertisement posters? How could we expect these information where there are several leaflets of their Insurance/ Car Loan and blah blah... ?

Can't we except that option shown in the ATM Booth Screen? or disabling the 20K withdrawal facility? So that everyone will always draw maximum of 10K or 15K?

Why Standard Chartered Bank is not even bothered for solving this problem?


Anonymous said...

you could have just walked down to Dutch-Bangla ATM and got your cash. Its also cheaper with Dutch-Bangla, there are no fees :)

Tahmid Munaz said...

hehehe... you might have missed to check the date when i posted this issue. The service with Dutch-Bangla Bank started later on.

And are you sure there are no fees really? ;)

Thanks for drop by!

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