Saturday, June 30, 2007

Skype Security Information Phishing Page by Frauds

Suddenly i received an email at my Gmail whose subject was titled as - "" in last 28th July, 2007. I tried reading the email carefully and then i noticed it's not a valid email from at all! It's a security phishing page sent from another server. And how come Skype doesn't know its' user's name? :p

There it asked me to click on a link to update my personal information which showed as : (an invalid page from

But the actual link was redirected to : (a Googlepage already Blocked by

See the below Screen shots for identifying the Email how could it be a phishing Page?

Here in this below picture you can see the email sender is not Skype itself. It's the fraud's mail server located in a different hosting provider called :

I should ask everyone to have a look at this Article of why mostly even an highly educated person could be a victim of phishing? Though it's a very old article published in last year 2006. But i think it's a good article for anyone to be more careful and know why at least silly phishing works?

Phishing with Rachna Dhamija

Feel free to share your thoughts or question you get. :)

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