Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Geeks Support Obama - GIZMODO

Watch this video how a president is being supported by most of the top Geeks!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

How do you use Google? - Here is mine!

Google is going to celebrate its' 10th birthday soon (see: And there is a section where it's asking - "How do you use Google?" to see user's fee

see the video:

Personally i felt describing my Google usage within 100 words is a big tough job. So i decided to post it in my Blog and i even thought of sharing this information for a long time .. So, here goes my post ...

The giant Search engine for any type of information search. My best friend who replies with any search result even i type any slang words! :P

2. Gmail
My primary email account is Gmail. I love the labeling, filtering, accessing multiple POP3 accounts and love to read chain discussions under the same page using just a click of Expand / Collapse :) And interestingly it's giving me more spaces each day! Integrated Chat is there too! so do we need anything more? :P

3. Google Calender
A great online calender with addition of SMS feature which reminds me whenever and wherever i am. Till i am under a network i get my reminders on basis of my calender entries.

4. Google Documents
A great personal document repository where i can put and share documents or excel files with my other colleagues or team mates or friends..

5. Google Blogger
The great blogger service using which i am posting this post and my own thoughts and views or reviews .. I just love it!

6. Google Reader
Just awesome! I love it just like a blind lover! I subscribe all the RSS and Atom feeds using my Google Reader.

7. Google YouTube/Google Video
Great place for Tech Shows and Tutorials or entertaining videos! Can't think without these!

8. Google NoteBook
An online Notebook which is accessible for my personal use - I use this notebook using the google notebook firefox extension which is much more flexible and easier to use.

9. Google Desktop
Most usefull part is the use of Desktop Search! :)

10. Google Groups
We old friends do use a Google group where we share and discuss many things with our old friends.

11. Google Feedburner
Feedburner which is used for all of my Blogs i manage.

12. Google AdSense
Adsense integrated with all of my Blogger blogs.

13. Google Analytics
Google Analytics used for most of regular Blogs that i manage.

14. Google Picasa
Being a hobbyist Photographer i use Picasa for faster photo post processing.

15. Google Alerts
I customized some google alerts up on my requirements..

I have experience with Google Maps, Earth, Browser Sync and Orkut, though i don't really use them very often these days. And at last i am using Google Chrome too! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am .... mania

Watch these interesting videos on I'm a Mac, I'm a PC and I'm a Wii

I'm a Mac

I'm a PC

I'm a Wii

South Park Mac vs. PC vs. Linux

Get a Mac - Feat. Mr.Bean

Get a Mac ad with Gisele Bundchen

Mac vs PC vs Linux # 2

Windows Live Hotmail announcement

Once upon a time we, most of the internet users used to use Hotmail or Yahoo as our most popular free webmail service. Hotmail was really cool and Yahoo too with their Pop3 service. Then running after time to time, competing with each other Yahoo and Hotmail came with shorter storage facilities and made their POP3 services a paid service. Suddenly Gmail launched in the market and then kicked off the whole market of free webmail service with increasing peoples expectation getting 2GB Free inbox size with free POP3 facilities.

The email representation and browsing options in Gmail are getting day by day more user friendly with new options and better facilities. Personally i stopped using Hotmail cause it became more messy and most of the time i found it getting stuck in a moment without any specific reason. Even I found many people around me, are very much enjoying Gmail while Yahoo is getting bulky with a big fat tummy and Hotmail with a getting wider with their header banner to advertise their Windows Live (don't really understand what's the specific business plan in it's background).

Interestingly i found useless to rename Hotmail into MSN then again into Windows Live. Whatever! They knows what they really want to claim with all these service names and other messy features.

Here are some commercials on Windows Live Hotmail :
Windows Live Hotmail Video (part 1)

Windows Live Hotmail Video (part 2)

Windows Live Hotmail Video (part 3)

Windows Live Hotmail Video (part 4)

God knows what new messy inbox that Hotmail gonna gift us in a few up coming days.

"Coming soon! Even better, even faster." - are they claiming of a new a webmail service which is at least error free and at least loads the page without showing loading clocks even faster :P
The new announcement is not that impressive or eye catchy to me at all:

Let's see what's coming up! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

SQABD Meet the Mentors (Episode 4) - - Teaser Video

Watch out the Teaser video released recently on the Upcoming Meet the Mentors Episode 4 which will be released soon. Those who are interested to sponsor this upcoming 4th Episode of Mr. Sohel Islam by SQABD may contact: info[at]

SQABD came up with this Meet the Mentors service to aware people of Bangladesh with the Noteworthy IT experts and Mentors that we have in our country. To aware people with their career focus, how they came upto now and what they suggest to the beginners and their followers, SQABD came up with this Video Podcast technique so that everyone who is able to get connected through internet from anywhere in the World can get in touch with these valuable information and share their feedback and thoughts to do more better in future!

You will find the other Episodes at:

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome - Present and Future

It's really a sudden buzz on the whole internet world that Google released their own browser named Chrome (beta release) and which is quite stable and slick, not that bad like IE6 or IE7 ;) (from an end user point of view). Hope it will not show javascript errors like IE6 or IE7 does most frequent :) Thanks goes to Shajib and Zuberul, my colleagues who buzzed me today morning while i was deeply busy at my work.

From technical perspective after watching the googlebook on Chrome:  - really liked this new idea of process oriented tabs.

Here is an official video on Google Chrome:

This is all that we can see at present. A beta release rocking the world with it's sudden presence. But what about the future? The giant information base of Google is getting larger day by day. Now saving your user/pass or your session or cookies under Google browser going to let Google know more about you and your personal information. Don't you think who once started shouting about the privacy issues will start shouting again against Google - thinking Google collecting more private user data?

I still have faith on Firefox - that it will not be getting killed so early for Chrome's presence. But I doubt about IE6, IE7 and IE8 to compete in this strong competing market of Chrome, Firefox 3, Safari 3.1 or with Opera (:p). Large repository of Firefox add-ons are still highly delicious to the end users. Where most of the Safari users are also looking for customized extension usage like Firefox. There are large number of people still using several Scripts in Firefox browsers. Firefox 3 release is already a well welcoming release in the market and secondly Chrome is a lightning buzz on the head! :)

Truly speaking Google is stealing my mind day by day :P Still there are more i need to test on Chrome! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Manage your Open Source Projects tackticly

A good guideline for managing Open Source Projects :)Though i was not able to go through the whole video. But I found it interesting and that's why i am sharing it to my readers so that you can watch it and even i can go through your comments from your own perspective!

How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too)

source: Google Video

Behaviour Driven Development

Hey friends, It's been a long time i didn't post in my Blog. But here is a video to share with you all if you didn't watch it yet.

Beyond Test Driven Development: Behaviour Driven Development

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Software Tester @ Microsoft

Whatever you call a Software Tester, or Testing Engineer or a Software Design Engineer in Test - it's all the same and here is a video recently i found posted in MS's JobsBlog - "What’s it like to be a Tester at Microsoft?"

Video: A Cowboy Meets a Microsoft Tester?

Here are few more Links though those posts had been posted a long ago.. at least near about 3 years back - But i think those are real good practical examples for any fresh graduate or an undergraduate University student to choose their career in Software Testing.

3 Days in the Life of a SDET by Sara Ford

Test Developers Are Real Developers by Steve Rowe

This video or examples was made on perspective of Microsoft. But it doesn't mean that the only heaven is in Microsoft. The Career could be even in some other software company and it's not defined yet that you couldn't be a father of another Microsoft or Google someday!
Who knows - what's there in You?!?! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hack Fest in Bangladesh

Does code fixing and compilation means hacking? Check out this recently published news in Ittefaq. How come someone even claim himself as a Hacking expert? :)

Read the article in Bangla:

Friday, January 18, 2008

Google Search Engine to protect automated request - but why me?

Today i was searching on "mysql data generator" tools using Google search. Suddenly after 1st or 2nd search result page i took more then 20min to click on 3rd page request by clicking the NEXT button in Google Search result page. And here i faced this screen for the 1st time - a page of 403 Forbidden message of Google - We're Sorry! . Even after entering the 1st CAPTCHA value it asked 2nd time to enter the CAPTCHA.

Did you faced this ever doing any Google search before? I need to reproduce this step manually. Not sure why my usual Google search appeared to be like an Automated Request as like as a Computer Virus or a Spyware Application or whatever it claimed? :) Really interesting!

And is it really the way Google gonna verify each and every search click using a CAPTCHA? :) I really love to search anything comes into my mind to search in Google rather using Live Search, Yahoo search or any other search engine. But is Google out of their Search Engine bandwidth? :)

May be i am missing any other important point here. Want to know - Why this verification is really important to Google? :) And what really made Google to identify me in this way? :)

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