Monday, September 15, 2008

SQABD Meet the Mentors (Episode 4) - - Teaser Video

Watch out the Teaser video released recently on the Upcoming Meet the Mentors Episode 4 which will be released soon. Those who are interested to sponsor this upcoming 4th Episode of Mr. Sohel Islam by SQABD may contact: info[at]

SQABD came up with this Meet the Mentors service to aware people of Bangladesh with the Noteworthy IT experts and Mentors that we have in our country. To aware people with their career focus, how they came upto now and what they suggest to the beginners and their followers, SQABD came up with this Video Podcast technique so that everyone who is able to get connected through internet from anywhere in the World can get in touch with these valuable information and share their feedback and thoughts to do more better in future!

You will find the other Episodes at:

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