Thursday, September 25, 2008

How do you use Google? - Here is mine!

Google is going to celebrate its' 10th birthday soon (see: And there is a section where it's asking - "How do you use Google?" to see user's fee

see the video:

Personally i felt describing my Google usage within 100 words is a big tough job. So i decided to post it in my Blog and i even thought of sharing this information for a long time .. So, here goes my post ...

The giant Search engine for any type of information search. My best friend who replies with any search result even i type any slang words! :P

2. Gmail
My primary email account is Gmail. I love the labeling, filtering, accessing multiple POP3 accounts and love to read chain discussions under the same page using just a click of Expand / Collapse :) And interestingly it's giving me more spaces each day! Integrated Chat is there too! so do we need anything more? :P

3. Google Calender
A great online calender with addition of SMS feature which reminds me whenever and wherever i am. Till i am under a network i get my reminders on basis of my calender entries.

4. Google Documents
A great personal document repository where i can put and share documents or excel files with my other colleagues or team mates or friends..

5. Google Blogger
The great blogger service using which i am posting this post and my own thoughts and views or reviews .. I just love it!

6. Google Reader
Just awesome! I love it just like a blind lover! I subscribe all the RSS and Atom feeds using my Google Reader.

7. Google YouTube/Google Video
Great place for Tech Shows and Tutorials or entertaining videos! Can't think without these!

8. Google NoteBook
An online Notebook which is accessible for my personal use - I use this notebook using the google notebook firefox extension which is much more flexible and easier to use.

9. Google Desktop
Most usefull part is the use of Desktop Search! :)

10. Google Groups
We old friends do use a Google group where we share and discuss many things with our old friends.

11. Google Feedburner
Feedburner which is used for all of my Blogs i manage.

12. Google AdSense
Adsense integrated with all of my Blogger blogs.

13. Google Analytics
Google Analytics used for most of regular Blogs that i manage.

14. Google Picasa
Being a hobbyist Photographer i use Picasa for faster photo post processing.

15. Google Alerts
I customized some google alerts up on my requirements..

I have experience with Google Maps, Earth, Browser Sync and Orkut, though i don't really use them very often these days. And at last i am using Google Chrome too! :)

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