Sunday, September 21, 2008

Windows Live Hotmail announcement

Once upon a time we, most of the internet users used to use Hotmail or Yahoo as our most popular free webmail service. Hotmail was really cool and Yahoo too with their Pop3 service. Then running after time to time, competing with each other Yahoo and Hotmail came with shorter storage facilities and made their POP3 services a paid service. Suddenly Gmail launched in the market and then kicked off the whole market of free webmail service with increasing peoples expectation getting 2GB Free inbox size with free POP3 facilities.

The email representation and browsing options in Gmail are getting day by day more user friendly with new options and better facilities. Personally i stopped using Hotmail cause it became more messy and most of the time i found it getting stuck in a moment without any specific reason. Even I found many people around me, are very much enjoying Gmail while Yahoo is getting bulky with a big fat tummy and Hotmail with a getting wider with their header banner to advertise their Windows Live (don't really understand what's the specific business plan in it's background).

Interestingly i found useless to rename Hotmail into MSN then again into Windows Live. Whatever! They knows what they really want to claim with all these service names and other messy features.

Here are some commercials on Windows Live Hotmail :
Windows Live Hotmail Video (part 1)

Windows Live Hotmail Video (part 2)

Windows Live Hotmail Video (part 3)

Windows Live Hotmail Video (part 4)

God knows what new messy inbox that Hotmail gonna gift us in a few up coming days.

"Coming soon! Even better, even faster." - are they claiming of a new a webmail service which is at least error free and at least loads the page without showing loading clocks even faster :P
The new announcement is not that impressive or eye catchy to me at all:

Let's see what's coming up! :)

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