Monday, November 26, 2007

Fokhruz Zaman on Meet the Mentors by SQABD

Meet the Mentors” on Fokhruz Zaman, CTO at Millennium Information Solution Ltd. has been published by SQABD very recently. Check out this link for more details:

Please reply to this below URL with the names of the mentors you know, the company they work for, and the areas they thrived, i.e. Project Management, Software Quality Assurance, Software Architecture, Programming etc.

SQABD plans to interview these exceptional individuals and upload the recordings for everyone to hear.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Official Website of BCS hacked by a Libyan Hacker

Official Website of BCS (Bangladesh Computer Society) got hacked by a Libyan Hacker as i just went to visit their Official website @

Here i am showing you the screen shot.

Very shame but true.. that BCS really needs to monitor their own official website and keep it more secured. This hacks could have been on more important websites of our country. Are we really aware of our Internet Security? Just asking 1 more question -> If we count it as a Cyber Crime (very new buzz word at present time in BD)? Whom we gonna accuse for it?

We need to think and find out the actual reason how and why this Hacking made possible on this site. What are the pre-cautions we can follow and What is really the proper definition of Cyber Crime? Or is it just a buzz word which could even affect in our usual flow of IT growth? :) Are we really using our IT Experts into these Monitoring Procedures?

Pre-caution is better than Loosing something. But over attention could hamper the usual flow of any development where we still need more IT Development in our Country.

Let's start thinking to the point from now...

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