Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Official Website of BCS hacked by a Libyan Hacker

Official Website of BCS (Bangladesh Computer Society) got hacked by a Libyan Hacker as i just went to visit their Official website @

Here i am showing you the screen shot.

Very shame but true.. that BCS really needs to monitor their own official website and keep it more secured. This hacks could have been on more important websites of our country. Are we really aware of our Internet Security? Just asking 1 more question -> If we count it as a Cyber Crime (very new buzz word at present time in BD)? Whom we gonna accuse for it?

We need to think and find out the actual reason how and why this Hacking made possible on this site. What are the pre-cautions we can follow and What is really the proper definition of Cyber Crime? Or is it just a buzz word which could even affect in our usual flow of IT growth? :) Are we really using our IT Experts into these Monitoring Procedures?

Pre-caution is better than Loosing something. But over attention could hamper the usual flow of any development where we still need more IT Development in our Country.

Let's start thinking to the point from now...


Tahmid Munaz said...

At last i found this website Live and restored back after 2 months :)

NiH said...

Meh, I find the sheer lack of style in the hacker's approach 'Disturbing'. But hey, at least he knows Spanish (viva la EspaƱol) or knows how to use babelfish.

On a different note, I'm practically at awe trying to figure out the reason behind such an attack. Why would a Libyan hacker, that's right a freaking 'Libyan' hacker bother to even take the slightest trouble of launching a DDOS attack on the impotently sheathed BCS server? It must've been a childsplay, or he was just screwing around tEh interweb. There were practically nothing at stake here. What was he going to claim in front of his secretive hacker buddies? That 'See this other day I hacked into the website of Bangladesh Computer Society...' and he will be stopped there amidst heated questions like "What the F* is Bangladesh? and why is this website so aesthetically lacking?".

Nah, I'm not trying to be funny. When you ask the head of the CSE dept of BUET to allow you to host a weeklong, 'Free' workshop on intelligent browsing and web-ethics and get a flying, invisible smack on the face with words like " Why on earth do we need such a thing? Isn't a horribly designed university website and a faculty full of internet-illiterates enough for you?" - that's when the funny bone is really tickled hard :D

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