Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Let your End user test & add more feedback

Currently i don't know exactly how many new software companies came up in to the market within last 1 or 2 years but most of the time we find some new names showing up in BDJobs or in LinkedIn. And i notice it only when i find ppl around me changing their job or may be those companies offering their opportunity announcements in public.

Some of us are working as Outsourcing service provider, some are developing their own products. I am sure enough whoever is engaged with outsourced developments they mostly have to put their cost into Quality or Testing the product at least even if it's in minimal scope. But what happens to them who releases online services or applications in public without properly tested? Or doesn't even bother to think about Quality?

I believe we have so many companies who develops new web applications or online services - but no one ever found to put their product in beta release to vet by public users. As for example: we got Bangla blogs, Community sites, Discussion forums, and Portals which are deployed live but you are not satisfied at all or face many issues which you can't report or get any developers feedback on them.

Suddenly an email from the company "Code71" impressed me a lot. The idea is - their Agile Project management tool needs to be tested by some Agile practitioners! And definitely i believe it will improve the product more than it was in their in-house testing scope.

The more you share the more you get and the more thoughts you find the more you get matured! I personally want to congratulate Code71 to step in to this great initiative - because it will let other companies to start thinking of it with an open mind.

If you are in to developing facebook applications, community sites, online portals, e-commerce site or any other online services or if gaming applications for iPhone - then you may pick the idea with an Open mind and start fixing the issues or get the usability assessment on public feedback. It will mature you product and will let your users claim that he knows a good service/application/product which serves his interest!

Actually we are not out of numbers in different products/applications/services but we are out of quality stuff and that's why we can't claim or see the success.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Thinking positive rather negatives

Most often we see ourselves criticizing a person - "He used to be in IT and now he moved into Business career. Man he destroyed his career - why wasted time studying in IT? "

Now i say.. we are wrong. Actually he found his strength in understanding business and he could be the best resource to get the idea of a business or assisting us in gathering requirements or identifying the risk or priority or dependencies on other 3rd party applications in Development cycle of an IT Project.

I met many IT background ppl or who studied in Computer Science in previously are now working in different business departments. And they are so helpful and understanding to get the things out of their department according to our IT requirements. As for example - it's always tough for IT ppl to make a business ppl understand about the technical stuffs or complexity or the format needs to be followed. Even sometimes it's very helpful to train other Business ppl in that department on certain technical stuff.

Most often we ignore trainings because of the title sounds very funny or silly. A training titled as - "Time Management Training" or "Effective presentation and communications" might lead you as -

1. Wat? do you think i am late at Office?
2. Wat? do you think i need to be trained how to use PowerPoint and how to talk?

Ok.. actually not. We just took it on a wrong way. Time management training that i had was mind blowing.. though i am very poor to start practicing something very new and little complex to me to follow unless it's deeply into my understanding. But i bet those who had been in that session was amazingly surprised why we never had this type of tranings in our early ages! This training is not only for a professional but it's for a human who wants to be successful in life. It's basically all about time planning of your whole life. How we wasted our important times and where to emphasize and which is less important in our planning.

Now about the effective presentation and communications - i was determined not to attend in this training on my sweet weekend. But suddenly it clicked in my mind.. what if i am going to miss something in my life as i was not aware of my time management? :) Though the session was too long but i learned at least few new things.. like how to introduce myself and what not to do and what to do while presenting myself in a glimpse on a short time. Mater of practice! But really effective!

I suggest everyone to get in touch with all those general self development trainings if possible - cause it may open up your mind! I have an interest of doing Anger Management training if found. Give me an answer why we can't accept any new changes easily? Cause we are so narrow to our scopes. We don't think of exploring or trying out new stuff. We can't accept the reality - what if someone points out my mistakes.

I know this post may sound very generic or OFF topic to you but i believe it may change someones thought to start thinking positive rather thinking always negatives. Hey? wait.. i am not asking you to ignore the negatives or the reality. But i am asking you to give a chance to think positive by not ignoring the reality. :)

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