Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Crisis of IT students

It's been a long time i didn't post cause was busy with work a lot. Hope you are doing fine. Let's think for a moment together and discuss in a new issue.

I have noticed that most of all IT service providing companies in Bangladesh and even in abroad are really worried about the upcoming situation - "LACK of IT professionals or IT Graduates". Even inside the University authorities they are thinking why the enrollment in Computer Science or Computer Science & Engineering is decreasing so rapidly?

There are few points i want to show you could be the reason for this up coming risk.

1. Salary Issue: (Money talks!)

When the IT field just boomed in Bangladesh, new companies came in and hired IT professional in high ranged salaries which are might not that easy to get these days as there are more competition in getting jobs in IT market. So the salary range is decreasing in a way and the new High school passed students don't want to get graduation in CS while they see there are even more smart payments as a Management Trainee in several Banks (as seen in several advertisements) if they get the Business degrees.

Even if i talk about these days.. A newly raised company is being paying so high but there is no assurance that this paying scale will be stable even after 3/4 years. So that's why few of the companies like this had to pack up their business in near future.

A company should have it's own salary structure where there will be no issue for objections. This salary structure could be different then other available companies may be less or may be high. But an individual structure.

2. University Issue: (So commercial to lose their business!)

I don't want to come up with any debate of "Gvt/Public Universities vs Private Universities". It's all about all type of Universities we have in Bangladesh who are building all CS graduates. The issue that i want to focus is most of all Universities are not aware of how to improve the quality of education and keep students motivated and dedicated to new technologies with outdoor works and compete with the market needs. Universities need to change the old course curriculum and make sure they are in collaboration of Industry to get professionals in touch for any updates/guidance/training sessions. According to my knowledge every Universities has their own budgets for their Computer Club in each semesters. These could be used in proper fields. Students will be encouraged and motivated even if they face any frustration of their career path. A proper Career path is not shown to the Students unless they get in touch with that before they pass from Universities.

Commercially most of the Pvt Universities are increasing the Course Fees but they can't assure any proper Career path for Students to do better or be kept confident and motivated into their choice. Thus most of our Universities are loosing their Business in this Commerce.

3. Industry Issue: (Saving their own Ass!)

Our local software Industry has different type of companies who might be providing Outsourcing Services, Offshore Development, Joint Venture, Product development or Serving in Local market etc. I ask forgiveness if i have missed any other type. All these software companies are thinking to enrich their own stocks and how they could provide better service to their clients so that they can confirm for further agreements or sign-up for new contracts. But these companies have to think for hiring better candidates and even ensure that there are people from where they can sort the better engineers for their future challenging projects. If the Universities loose students in Computer degrees then Industry will loose upcoming candidates too. They will have to figure out the better people in between 2/3 candidates only. The quality might decrease if there are no more competition.

Otherwise companies might have to start hiring someone else from other companies and it might cause fight between the companies for highly skilled professionals later on. And they might even close their business just for not getting any skilled professionals.

Industries should have few business plan for Promotional Activities in Universities by Career Guidance, Enhancement of students quality by introducing them new technologies which are rising in the market. Which will help that company to get a quality graduate who has clear basic concepts on Process, Development models, different phases of Development Life Cycle or several Frameworks etc. before they get any mentor or trainer after joining any company. So the company can think to give training that newly hired in other sectors and it will increase the pace of getting a skilled guy.

Ethics needs to be followed in every companies. Few days back i saw few companies were offering Website Developments only for 500Tk or 1000Tk in SoftExpo 2007. These too lower pricing might cause their business loss and destroying the market value of that specific type of products or services. For certain time they might get benefited but when they will not be able to earn even their employee's salary without profit. Then they will have to start firing employees and pack up their business. It will never increase the job market rather decreasing public interest in Software Industry.

4. Government Policy Issue: (Does Govt. feels any interest at all?)

Government can take initiatives by providing these Policies:
1. IT Student Funds for different Research and Development.
2. Modifying and upgrading our Banking Policies by which we can do real time development of E-Governance rather dreaming of it anymore.
3. Monitoring Piracy

We can't even host a Shopping Cart in a website for our Local People in Bangladesh or even for Global access cause we can't have any PayPal Account here in Bangladesh. Money transaction is a big issue from Bangladesh. Even if i want to do Data Center Business. I have no way to pay those bills. Banking Policies are needed to be resolved. Even Inter-Banking Policies could help us developing our E-Governance structure before we connect with the Global market.

I don't know how Government has ever made the policy for IT Development. We always used to shout about Fiber Optics Cable and other dreams. Can we resolve these issues as soon as possible?

If Government can take any good initiative in these Issues, then Local Companies will start competing for several local E-Governance projects and market will be boomed again. People will feel interest to think about this career again. More working environment will be created soon. Otherwise we will loose all these business to India or any other country who will be charging for these Developments even 10 times higher then our Bangaldeshi companies.

Piracy needs to be monitored properly. Otherwise we will loose our market only for 500 or 1000Tk or might be even for only 60Tk. People must know that these software didn't came so easily. They have been developed by the Engineers after huge investment but not in free. Unless we couldn't stop piracy there are more Companies who are thinking twice or more to Outsource any Project in Bangladesh.

Few mis-conception of the Students:
1. Telecommunication is the most booming sector where the IT field will be replaced by Telecom.
2. University courses doesn't learn us how to do programing in ".Net" or "Ajax" or new exciting "Ruby on Rails" or other frameworks.
3. I will earn more graduating from BBA or other degrees but not in IT.
4. IT means only Coding/networking few computers in a LAN/fixing a Canon Printer or PC's.
5. Who are there to hire us? Are there any good companies where i can try my expertise?
6. Every companies are seeking for Experienced people.. so how could i get a chance?
7. I was never better in programming so why should i stick into this career?
8. See at those other Graduates are not getting good job yet!

To be continued...)

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