Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Software Tester @ Microsoft

Whatever you call a Software Tester, or Testing Engineer or a Software Design Engineer in Test - it's all the same and here is a video recently i found posted in MS's JobsBlog - "What’s it like to be a Tester at Microsoft?"

Video: A Cowboy Meets a Microsoft Tester?

Here are few more Links though those posts had been posted a long ago.. at least near about 3 years back - But i think those are real good practical examples for any fresh graduate or an undergraduate University student to choose their career in Software Testing.

3 Days in the Life of a SDET by Sara Ford

Test Developers Are Real Developers by Steve Rowe

This video or examples was made on perspective of Microsoft. But it doesn't mean that the only heaven is in Microsoft. The Career could be even in some other software company and it's not defined yet that you couldn't be a father of another Microsoft or Google someday!
Who knows - what's there in You?!?! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hack Fest in Bangladesh

Does code fixing and compilation means hacking? Check out this recently published news in Ittefaq. How come someone even claim himself as a Hacking expert? :)

Read the article in Bangla: http://www.ittefaq.com/content/2008/01/23/news0914.htm

Friday, January 18, 2008

Google Search Engine to protect automated request - but why me?

Today i was searching on "mysql data generator" tools using Google search. Suddenly after 1st or 2nd search result page i took more then 20min to click on 3rd page request by clicking the NEXT button in Google Search result page. And here i faced this screen for the 1st time - a page of 403 Forbidden message of Google - We're Sorry! . Even after entering the 1st CAPTCHA value it asked 2nd time to enter the CAPTCHA.

Did you faced this ever doing any Google search before? I need to reproduce this step manually. Not sure why my usual Google search appeared to be like an Automated Request as like as a Computer Virus or a Spyware Application or whatever it claimed? :) Really interesting!

And is it really the way Google gonna verify each and every search click using a CAPTCHA? :) I really love to search anything comes into my mind to search in Google rather using Live Search, Yahoo search or any other search engine. But is Google out of their Search Engine bandwidth? :)

May be i am missing any other important point here. Want to know - Why this verification is really important to Google? :) And what really made Google to identify me in this way? :)

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