Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome - Present and Future

It's really a sudden buzz on the whole internet world that Google released their own browser named Chrome (beta release) and which is quite stable and slick, not that bad like IE6 or IE7 ;) (from an end user point of view). Hope it will not show javascript errors like IE6 or IE7 does most frequent :) Thanks goes to Shajib and Zuberul, my colleagues who buzzed me today morning while i was deeply busy at my work.

From technical perspective after watching the googlebook on Chrome:  - really liked this new idea of process oriented tabs.

Here is an official video on Google Chrome:

This is all that we can see at present. A beta release rocking the world with it's sudden presence. But what about the future? The giant information base of Google is getting larger day by day. Now saving your user/pass or your session or cookies under Google browser going to let Google know more about you and your personal information. Don't you think who once started shouting about the privacy issues will start shouting again against Google - thinking Google collecting more private user data?

I still have faith on Firefox - that it will not be getting killed so early for Chrome's presence. But I doubt about IE6, IE7 and IE8 to compete in this strong competing market of Chrome, Firefox 3, Safari 3.1 or with Opera (:p). Large repository of Firefox add-ons are still highly delicious to the end users. Where most of the Safari users are also looking for customized extension usage like Firefox. There are large number of people still using several Scripts in Firefox browsers. Firefox 3 release is already a well welcoming release in the market and secondly Chrome is a lightning buzz on the head! :)

Truly speaking Google is stealing my mind day by day :P Still there are more i need to test on Chrome! :)

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