Monday, June 18, 2007

SkypeCast was held for the SQABD Roundtable Meeting - 12th Session

In last 16th June, 2007 - SQABD ( has arranged its' 12th Roundtable Meeting on topic of "State of Software Testing in Bangladesh" at Baton Rouge restaurant. Participants in the meeting was near about 20 persons. And there was an option for joining the meeting through SkypeCast. This Skypecast option for joining in SQABD meeting made people even to join from abroad and even for those person who were not able to join the meeting in person.

For a long time SQABD was thinking to come up with an option where our Bangladeshi Technical Experts from abroad can join the Roundtable Meetings and can add value to make it more productive. At last SQABD came up with the idea of using Skypecast at this 12th session in last Saturday so that anyone can join from anywhere.


Sometimes it becomes even tough for members who are not from Dhaka, and might not be able to attend this short 2/3 hours roundtable meeting coming from a remote area. So from now the SkypeCast will be a good way to join the SQABD Roundtable Meeting for anyone just by using a good broadband connection and Skype for connecting to SQABD Skypecast in time.

This is the 1st time any Technical Community in Bangladesh has arranged such an option for everyone to join through online which is more flexible to join for people who are in abroad or in a different city/remote area.

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