Tuesday, July 11, 2006

phpresource group celebrating it's Birthday!

phpResource Group announced it's coding contest from it's Birthday of 2nd July 2006. I was late to be notified that 2nd July was phpResource gourp's step to the 2nd year.

This is the 2nd largest bangladeshi based PHP programmers community after PHPXperts. They came with little different thinking from PHPXperts group. I am a memeber of PHPXperts and even in PHPResource. But i am not here for discriminating any group in any way. Just wanted to share the feelings - feeling better that people in Bangladesh started to think more faster then the old time where we had to look an expert or professional for different assitance in different issues.

In Bangladesh we have many Communities who are serving to people in many different ways.
It shows the dedication of Bangladeshi people in their respective field. Few people says they are all junks cause they alway open new Groups but at last they all are dead. But i think they are wrong. There are different community/groups for complishing different targets with different mission and vission.

Belated Happy Birthday to PHPResource group!

Please sign up here for the Coding Contest: http://contest.phpresgroup.org

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Rupom said...

Thanks for such nice post. I appreciate your promoting post. We at phpResource Group want to share PHP knowledge among the PHP community as well store PHP related resources to make "phpResource Group" a storehouse of PHP Resources. Hope we will be able to find our goal.


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