Thursday, June 08, 2006


Long time i can't give time at phpXperts group, though i am still a Moderator there.. I think i better give an option to anybody else for this tasks. :) I am really busy these days with some of my personal issues and my office works and working with the SQABD community

phpXperts is a community of many PHP programmers. Usually it's the 2nd largest community of PHP programmers in this South Asia region.

Interesting part is the owner of this group is a Bangladeshi called Hasin Hayder. He is a good friend of mine too. :)

Yahoo Group :

Feel free to ask your questions or share ideas in this group about any relative issues you have.. :)

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dipu_1&only said...


at first redirected me too

and at last the showed me the phpinfo () of that server .. ha ha ha !!

anyway i enjoyed !! :P

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