Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blogger Templates has only 2 columns

After so long i started to feel like i need a Template where i can have 3 columns. And while went to change and pick a new Template of Blogger, i am disappointed. It is really disappointing that Blogger has limited it's Template into only 2 column based Templates.

Two (2) Columns:
It was nice to see the my blog of 2 columns which was always center aligned in the screen. But without adding widgets, tags and scripts etc you don need to to have 3 column based Templates.

Three (3) Columns:
These days most of us using laptops of wide screen as i am .. and even sometimes the Wide screen LCD monitors in home or office use. And reading Blogs in this screens makes me feel to have more then 2 columns :p Adding different widgets, scripts, tags increases the interest to have 3 columns in my Blog.

Will start looking for any ready made Blogger Template so that i can just pick and start use of it. I don't want to change the Template customizing it right now.. which could be possible just editing the scripts from HTML view. Need something more handy rather customizing them.

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OPEN GIGA said...

i can provide you nice theme with three columns...


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