Saturday, September 15, 2007

Google Browser Sync - Firefox Extension

Suddenly i was browsing on Google Labs and found Google Browser Sync - a Firefox Extension. Got interest to try it out. Here is a little overview on Google Browser Sync.

After clicking on the "browsersync.xpi" you will be redirected to Install the Firefox Extension from this Google Labs page. And after you are done installing the Browser will be restarted and will ask for your Google Account Information to Login and a Security PIN to choose for the 1st time ever you install in your any system.

Google Browser Sync for Firefox could save Cookies, Saved Passwords, Bookmarks, History, Tabs and Windows with 2 options - Store and Encrypt.

After configuring the Google Browser Sync of Firefox properly. If you close your Firefox browser and Restart again. Then you will face a prompt says whether you are interested to Restore the Last Session or not?
And if you chose to Restore the pages then those selective pages are restored with their saved sessions and appears as below:

Google Browser Sync has a limitation of Public Shared Computers. It was requested not to install in Publicly Shared Computers as it has no security of the User's Browsing History + Saved Sessions + Cookies + Security PIN and Google Account Information. Google Browser Sync has no option to back my Firefox Extensions. Easily accessible for anyone to check my private Security PIN for once and get my updates for ever :P

My Expectations:
Google Sync should have the option to change the User Login as like in Delicious Extension the User Login is changeable. Google Browser Sync should have the option to Sync the Firefox Extensions which is done by FEBE. Secure option to hide Security PIN.

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