Saturday, September 01, 2007

LinkMeIn - a PHPClass made for LinkedIn users

In most of the community pages we see that they asks us to invite friends to join in the network. LinkedIn is a Professionals Network where there are different people from different profession with different level of their skill sets. My friend Ehsan created a PHP class named LinkMeIn in contribution of Open Source community and he shared this class file at

I found it interesting cause it creates 2 type of reports by parsing my LinkedIn Connections -

  • Array type
  • XML type
Both formats can be used for further implementation in any other community web services. As he said in his Blog post to comment for any bug found. I went to try it out at his demo and interestingly i faced an Error ;)

Here i am sharing the screen shot so that i don have to face any issue in sharing it at PHPClass discussion. I will be using the URL of this post :p


Ehsan said...

Great! Thanks man for reporting the first bug. I've the solution but for some reason my web server is down and cannot modify it. Anyway keep bombing it when its up and running again.

Ehsan said...

It should be working now. Let me know if you still face any problem. Thanks buddy.

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